The Unique Business Center of Istanbul: Aktim Ofis!

With its distinctive Ottoman architecture, Aktim Ofis is impressively situated in the center of Istanbul's business location, minutes from the E-5 and TEM connection road. Its close proximity to the subway and metrobus also makes it an ideal position. This contemporary building, which harnesses solar energyto power itself, enhances your working environment with opulent workspaces that are thoughtfully built to Views of the Golden Horn. Additionally, its spacious 32,000 m2 indoor parking lot takes care of any parking issue. Perfect for expansion of your company as well as occasional enjoyable vacations. At Aktim Ofis, you may now build the business world of tomorrow.

Positive Aspects of Aktim Ofis

  • Central
  • Every Office Has Its Own Private Parking Space
  • Transportation
  • Spaciousness of Elevated Ceilings
  • 7/24
  • Solar

Our Project in Five Steps


Improve Your Business with Aktim Ofis!

A quick and easy connection to Istanbul's commercial district is provided by Aktim Ofis. Its close proximity to the E5 expressway, the TEM connecting road, subway and metrobuslines, and other major transit networks allows you to quickly access them without having to deal with traffic. You may escape the tension of traffic with the aid of Aktim Ofis and stay up to date with the corporate world's speed. Learn about this special place in Aktim Ofis to expand your company and succeed more!


The search for a Parking Space is Outdated!

Aktim Ofis helps you avoid parking hassles and improves your quality of life. Aktim Ofis solves Bayrampaşa's parking issue and the challenge of finding a parking place with its massive 32.000square meter parking lot. You no longer have to worry about your car at Aktim Ofis, which has a big and secure parking area for both guests and office owners!


The pinnacle of spaciousness and comfort with ceiling height

Our offices' 4-meter ceiling height distinguishes out for their spaciousness and breadth. This huge internal area makes the workplace light and airy. Aktim Ofis combines both comfort and functionality!


Shimmer in the sunlight at Aktim Ofis

In the center of Istanbul's business district, Aktim Ofis provides a contemporary and comfortable work environment that is notable for its resilience to earthquakes. In addition to adding to the building's longevity, the combination of C-40 concrete and iron class B500Cprovide structural support, resulting in a building that is both highly safe and visually beautiful. This structure, which blends modern and Ottoman design elements, has been strengthened against potential earthquakes in the city using cutting-edge technologyand premium materials.


Shimmer in the sunlight at Aktim Ofis

We invited the sun inside our workspace! We get inspiration from the skies for sustainable energy. We feel the excitement of this natural power in our workplace every day; we are both environmentally conscious and do not face energy disruptions!

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Aktim Ofis, a Bilgiçler Yapı initiative, offers modern and inspiring workplaces for forward-thinking business owners to exploit opportunities immediately. We will meet with you at Aktim Ofis as soon as possible to brief you on our project, which also offers significant investment opportunities.

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